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Are You?

Take this revealing quiz to find out how well you’re treating yourself and what simple changes you can make to feel happier, more nurtured and energized from the inside-out.

What is Courageous SELF-CARE?

Where are you on your “to-do” list? Priority number 1?
Somewhere near the bottom? Or did you even make it at all?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re feeling like you’re running on empty. When you give to others, there’s resentment and bitterness. Inside, you’re crying out, “What about me?” But you just don’t know how to make the change.

You’re probably not used to asking for help. Maybe you even consider it a sign of weakness. You’re an independent woman. You know how to take charge, how to set goals and how to power through, no matter what.

And yet, you’re exhausted. And sometimes you feel alone. You wonder if this busy, overwhelming lifestyle is sustainable. You have a lot to give, and you give it to your family, to your friends, to your colleagues and anyone else who is fortunate enough to benefit from your kindness and generosity.

But that leaves you feeling depleted and frazzled. Kind of like an empty shell. It takes a lot of energy to get everything right and to maintain control. You might even be wondering where you belong and if it’s all worthwhile.

What if you could turn it all around?

You’ve likely been draining your energy without even knowing it…

What I’m About

Christina Marlett, BKin, BMT, believes that women have the power to change the world, but first they must address the fact that they need to take charge of their own lives, starting with self-care.

Christina teaches busy, overwhelmed, stressed-out leaders that self-care is not simply about luxurious acts of pampering, but that it’s a real necessity if a woman truly wants to step into her greatness.

Through her coaching, tropical retreats and online programs, Christina helps women move into Courageous Self-Care so that they can change their lives from the inside out.

Christina is an International Speaker who has shared the stage with Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, Lynne Twist and Jean Houston. She is also a #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Master Facilitator, a Certified Embodiment Coach and the Founder of Courageous Self-Care.

“…I can honestly say that Christina is a brilliant facilitator…”

“As someone who experiences great trepidation around dancing and movement exercises, I can honestly say that Christina is a brilliant facilitator who creates a safe space, even for people (like me) who would rather not give this unique work a try. Having said that, her approach is accessible for anyone and if you are willing to just go for it, it will offer up relevant gifts for you to use in your life and business. I know it did for me!”

Paula Gregorowicz

The Book

Do you feel separate or disconnected? Are you tired of your frantic, busy lifestyle?
When is the last time you felt truly alive, and filled with the joy of being?
This unique and uplifting book will show you how you can liberate yourself from a hectic, unfulfilling life by creating and then deepening quality connections with your Body, your True Self, Others in your life and with Spirit. You will learn how to be happy withouth being perfect. (Here’s where you sigh with relief. Ahhh.

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