Video One: Radical Responsibility

What is Courageous Self-Care?

There are 2 kinds of self-care: external and internal.

External self-care consists of things like nutrition, exercise, sleep and hydration.

Internal self-care reflects what’s going on on the inside. These practices often take courage because they affect everything. They are your beliefs, habits and ways of being.

When we focus solely on external self-care, we can still feel drained and exhausted because we are trying to get everything right and fit it all in.

When we focus on internal self-care, we can shift from running on empty to renewable energy.

There are 10 tenets of Courageous Self-Care. Today’s focus is on taking Radical Responsibility.

Taking Radical Responsibility means embracing this phrase: Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to serve my highest good.

Today’s topic is even more specific: it’s taking radical responsibility for our emotions. When we are able to do that, we feel empowered. In truth, no one can make us feel a certain way. We choose how to feel and react. If our reactions and subsequent feelings aren’t serving us, then we have the power to change it.

There are 3 main ways to take radical responsibility for our emotions:

  1. Use the “Magic Phrase”. If something has upset you, and you are able share how you’re feeling in a detached way, it makes such a huge difference.

State the fact: when ___________ happens

Share how it makes you feel: I feel _________________

Share why it makes you feel that way: because ___________________

Make a reasonable request: _____________________

It might look like this: When I see that the towels are left on the bathroom floor, I feel frustrated because I spent part of my day cleaning the bathroom and now I can’t tell that I did that. It feels like I wasted my time. Would it be possible for you to hang up your towel when you are finished with it?

  1. When other people are experiencing big emotions, that is all about them, not about you. You can stay in your own emotions by holding space.
  2. There are 3 parts to holding space.
  3. a) Be aware that you are about to hold space.
  4. b) Breathe and stay in your own energy.
  5. c) Notice your connection to the ground, which is stable and constant.

These are the fundamental steps in taking Radical Responsibility for your emotions. Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can #FillYourselfUpFirst with Courageous Self-Care.

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