Christina Marlett believes that self-care is the missing ingredient in many women’s lives.

She used to be someone who spent most of her time running on empty.

In her first career as a high school Dance and Physical Education teacher, she didn’t know how to say no, and ended up overwhelming herself daily by trying to please and impress everyone.

Then as a new mother, she realized that she wasn’t very good at asking for help. The first few years of motherhood were very challenging because she tried to do everything herself. She prided herself on being independent.

Once she discovered the world of personal development, though, she began to realize that if she didn’t prioritize her own well-being, no one else would either and she would continue to run on empty while feeling resentful.

Over the past 9 years,

Christina has delved deeply into the study of self-care. She learned that it’s not so much about the superficial practices, like pedicures and chocolate (although she loves both). Self-care is a whole way of being and it takes a lot of courage.

Christina’s first entrepreneurial venture, Dance Ugly Dance Awkward, helped give her and her clients permission to leave their perfectionistic habits behind and to show up fully as themselves.

In her work as a Courageous Self-Care Coach and Speaker, Christina still uses mindful movement and her signature ‘Ugly Awkward Dancing’ to help her clients connect with their bodies, where so many answers are waiting to be discovered.

Along with the mindful movement, she has expanded her practice to help women improve all areas of their lives by learning and implementing Courageous Self-Care.

Christina is an International Speaker, a #1 International Best-Selling Author, a Master Facilitator, a Self-Care Coach and the host of her popluar web TV program, “The Courageous Self-Care Show”.


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