7 Weeks of Courageous Self-Care
Home Study Course

This self-paced course is for women who have never-ending to-do lists and their own self-care never makes the list. They are people pleasers who don’t know how to say no, so they are overwhelmed, looking after everyone but themselves. They feel like they aren’t good enough. They think that being in control of themselves, their emotions and others is good. They are always trying to get things right. They are seeking more authentic connection with themselves and others.

Full Bodied Freedom VIP Experience
6 months 1:1 Coaching

This coaching option is for women who spend most of their time in their heads. Their bodies are starting to send them some significant signals (like pain, discomfort, injuries, chronic issues) that a change is needed. They have lots of work in their lives, not much fun, lightness or ease.

Full Bodied Freedom VIP Experience
12 months 1:1 Coaching

This coaching option is for women who struggle to keep juggling all the different aspects of their lives, like family commitments, work, leisure. They are overwhelmed, under-appreciated and aren’t so good at choosing themselves first. Self-care is at the bottom of their list. They are looking for a mentor because they have tried to do it themselves with no results.

“I felt very honored, held safe and nurtured.”

“Thank you for the beautiful session. I felt very honored, held, safe and nurtured.  It was a lovely experience. I felt very blessed by our call.  Such a gift with such a present and loving facilitator.”


About Christina

Christina Marlett believes that self-care is the missing ingredient in many women’s lives. She used to be someone who spent most of her time running on empty.

In her first career as a high school Dance and Physical Education teacher, she didn’t know how to say no, and ended up overwhelming herself daily by trying to please and impress everyone.

Then as a new mother, she realized that she wasn’t very good at asking for help. The first few years of motherhood were very challenging because she tried to do everything herself. She prided herself on being independent.

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